Rabbi Sandra Cohen

Rabbi Cohen is involved in mental health outreach in the Jewish community nationally. She uses traditional Jewish values(middot/מידות) as a model for reaching out to those with mental health issues and their families. Those values, including compassion and respect, guide and inspire her work. She is a determined advocate for those with mental illness and their families. She sees her work as both opening the topic and continuing the conversation.

Rabbi Cohen speaks openly about her person journey with mental illness and applies that profound experience to her work. A primary goal is to support and educate spiritual communities, encouraging them to be more welcoming to the mentally ill. She is excited to share her insights to make our synagogues, Jewish communal organizations, churches, and mosques into a home for all who wish to belong.

Rabbi Cohen is available as a scholar-in-residence nation-wide, with a variety of programs and a flexible pay scale.

Rabbi Cohen also teaches in a variety of settings in both the Jewish and larger Denver communities. She loves rabbinic text, and has a deep respect and affection for the Talmud. She also offers pastoral care.

Rabbi Cohen is married to Ben Cohen, and they have one child, Shira, who is a lawyer.