Teaching Experience

Studies in Rambam’s Shemoneh P’rakim: A Treatiseo on the Soul with LEA Hadassah (2020-)

Studies in Pirke Avot, with LEA Hadassah (2014-2020)

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Denver (OLLI) (2011-present)

I have taught several courses for this community adult educational program for Denver area seniors, including courses on the Akaidah (the Binding of Isaac); Maimonides’ Sh’moneh P’rakim: a Treatise on the Soul; the Trials of Abraham; the Ten Commandments; Talmud; intensive study of the Book of BaMidbar with commentaries; social justice in rabbinic literature (Bible-modern texts) and Pirkei Avot.

Florence Melton Adult Mini-School teacher (1999-2014)

This two-year program involves adult students in intense study of Judaism through traditional texts.  I have taught three of the four courses: Purposes of Jewish Living (a survey of Jewish belief and ideas), Rhythms of Jewish Living (a survey of Jewish ritual, life cycle and holiday practices), and Ethics of Jewish Living (a close examination of rabbinic texts to understand underlying values and specific ethical challenges).

Regis University (adjunct faculty in Religious Studies, 2005-present)

I have taught on-line, classroom, and individual independent study on topics ranging from Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, Pastoral Care, and Suffering in Religious Traditions.

Introduction to Judaism (1995-present )

I am a participating teacher in 26-week course on Jewish theology, prayer, text, ritual, and thought for Jews, non-Jews and those interested in conversion.

Adult Education (1995-present)

Taught in a variety of settings in the Jewish and secular community: adult b’nai mitzvah classes, b’nai mitzvah tutoring, Hebrew, Bible and Jewish commentary, a history of Jewish rabbinic literature, Sugiyot Everyone Should Know: Topics in Talmud, and more.

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