I’ve had the pleasure of counting Rabbi Cohen as colleague and friend for over thirty years, and I cannot recommend her highly enough as an educator, preacher, and pastor. She brings an incredible intelligence, humor, and honesty to all that she does.

Having observed her in a number of contexts, I can attest that she is equally effective lecturing in an academic setting, preaching from the pulpit, teaching on a wide variety of topics, or speaking off the cuff during an informal “ask the rabbi” session. 

Rabbi Cohen’s Jewish scholarship is as impressive as her practice and love of Judaism is deep. It’s not surprising, then, that she is sought after to preach and teach in synagogues. What makes her especially noteworthy in my context is her understanding and appreciation of Christian theology and practice, which allows her to bring a Jewish voice into a Christian pulpit or classroom that has a remarkable sensitivity and insight. It is one thing to be able to speak from your own tradition’s perspective. It is quite another to understand and appreciate a different tradition deeply enough to make meaningful connections and comparisons. Rabbi Cohen is one of those rare people who can manage both.

The Rev. Clare L. Hickman (M.T.S., Harvard Divinity School; M.Div., Seabury-Western Theological Seminary) Rector, St.Luke’s Episcopal Church, Ferndale, MI

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