Sue Parker Gerson

Rabbi Sandra Cohen is an excellent and inspiring educator, speaker and facilitator. Her love for and deep knowledge of Jewish texts  comes through in settings from classroom to pulpit. Rabbi Cohen’s students know her as a kind and compassionate teacher who listens intently and answers wisely. I have been fortunate to work with and learn from Rabbi Cohen for 20 years and highly recommend her for any educational setting.

Sue Parker Gerson, Senior Associate Director, ADL, Mountain States Region

Published by Rabbi Sandra Cohen

I am a rabbi working in mental health outreach in the Jewish community both locally (in Denver, CO) and nationally. I use traditional Jewish values(middot/מידות) as a model for reaching out to those with mental health issues and their families. Those values, including compassion and respect, guide and inspire me. I am a determined advocate for those with mental illness and their families. My goal is to support and educate spiritual communities, encouraging them to be more welcoming to the mentally ill. I also teach in a variety of settings in both the Jewish and larger Denver communities. I love rabbinic text, especially Talmud, and that love is reflected in both my teaching and my personal learning (I learn Daf Yomi/a page of Talmud a day, as well as learning Talmud with three separate hevruta/partners each week.) I also offer pastoral care. I am available as a scholar-in-residence nation-wide, with a variety of programs and a flexible pay scale.